Induce Labor Acupressure – Your Ultimate Painless Solution

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Being a pregnant woman requires perseverance and the ability to withstand the difficult process of carrying the child and thereafter giving birth. However, giving birth does not have to be difficult and with so much pain. There are many ways to ease up the pain, and one way is to induce labor acupressure.

Labor acupressure is a combination of the words acupuncture and pressure. This way came from early Chinese medicine that uses needles to treat body pain. The same principle is applied in acupressure but without the needles. Instead, the fingers are used to put the pressure. Using acupressure requires that it must be light as not to stress the vital points of the body, but must still be moderate in order for the acupressure point to feel it. Most experts on acupressure use their fingers to put pressure, while others use certain devices on the parts of the body.

Maternity acupressure or labor acupressure has so many benefits. This is beneficial to both the mother and the child. Among the benefits of this way if inducing normally naturally includes widening of the cervix, minimizes pain during labor, controls pelvic contraction, and descends the baby. Also, it helps the baby achieve the most favorable position for birth that will help the mother during delivery. But generally, if many women try to indicate labor acupressure, she can have a safer and shorter time on delivering the baby.

An advantage of using labor acupressure is that the woman can stay off medication or drugs. Aside from health issues of the mother and the baby, this will also help avoid or evade costs of medical induction, birth through caesarean, pain relief pills, analgesics or even side effects.

Now that you know the benefits of why a woman should indicate labor acupressure, one should now know how to do or manage it to one's body. One does not have to be an expert to do labor acupressure. One must just know the basics and the proper way to do it. First, one must place her thumbs on the target areas or the acupressure points. The ball of the thumbs is the part that is used to put the pressure. Do not use your nails or the tip of the thumb. Second is to apply the pressure in a circular motion to give more pressure on the acupressure point. Third is to release the pressure point when the pregnant women exhales and then one must transfer to another acupressure point. When the acupressure point is larger than the areas where the thumb is used, one may use the elbow, but it has to be gentle. Large areas of the body include the shoulder point, the buttock point and the thighs. Also, the use of the thumb is dispensable. You can use other fingers, like the index finger to do it but be sure that the pressure is still right.

A pregnant woman should indicate labor acupressure because this will help her and her soon to be baby to get an easier, faster and thorough labor. This may be done by the pregnant woman herself, the spouse, or one may even consult an expert on acupressure.


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