Health Care and the Future

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Of course, what I was advised to do may not be the best for you. So I’ll tell you the best thing I have ever done: Figure this out for yourself! Get the information from experts like myself, and then form your own opinion.

Since I don’t take insurance, I was advised to steer clear at all costs. And I think many professionals are being told this, as well. Why? Well, I chose long ago to not take insurance because it would raise my fees to a near unmanageable level. Plus, I would have lots of paperwork; in fact, more paperwork time than teaching time. I want to help people, and I can’t do that if I’m filing paper work.

Next, I learned people are more likely to take charge of their health if they are in control. When people take responsibility, they are healthier. Let’s look how this works:

  • Pay out of pocket and you control your time and appointments
  • You get to choose your provider from every source, not which ones are the cheapest
  • You are more dedicated because you can see what’s on the line

I have worked with people who spent years in the insurance/hospital systems and only got sicker. Three months with me turned their lives around because they finally took control.

Finally, since I can’t find a single person who actually knows what the new laws are doing, I’m taking a wait and see approach to avoid getting in over my head. When it comes to health, food and supplements, I always wait for the science to prove it’s safe and good for me.

What does the future hold?

I don’t really know. Here’s what I see the trend going to:

  • More small, independent doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists and other health care professionals will go solo and not take any insurance
  • Doctors plan to retire en masse this upcoming year – whether they do or don’t, we already don’t have enough to cover everyone
  • Hospitals will take insurances, but they may not provide service based on that insurance
  • Science is already being pushed out of insurance decisions, hospital procedures and certain circles of the medical community – old beliefs are taken over better science because not enough people understand it
  • Accountants will make more decisions on what people need than the doctors – people will be denied procedures, medications and access to help based on money available
  • People with cash will take priority over those with insurance – insurance may or may not pay, cash is guaranteed

Universal health care is great idea, one I think we should aspire to. Making sure people are healthy is important. I do not agree with how this is going.

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