Problems with Our Health Care System

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iven the enormous amount of money that is spent on our health care system and the research that has gone into the various diseases we would be excused if we think that there should be able to trust our health care system to deliver quality health care. Sadly, our Western health care system falls well short of what is desired. Instead of healing and health it largely delivers suffering and further disease. There is a great deal of myth that surrounds our current system.

Hospitals are deadly. Mistakes/errors, accidents, infections, medical drug disasters, diagnostic equipment including; X-rays, ultrasounds and mammograms make hospitals very dangerous. Accidents in hospitals now occur more frequently than in any other industry except mining and high rise construction. Again the general public is unaware of how common this disease is. 98,000 deaths a year are caused by medical errors alone, and surgical errors account for another 32,000 deaths. These figures include only deaths. Research carried out in Australia showed that the equivalent of a jumbo jet load of people died unnecessarily died each week in Australia because of medical interventions – this information was contained in an official Health Department report. Apart from accidents and medical mistakes adverse drug reactions and infections account for many of the incidences of iatrogenesis. Adverse drug reactions are very common. adversely affect the blood cells,

damage the kidneys,

affect the unborn baby.

Out of the 2.2 million cases of serious adverse reactions to drugs each year, authorities have listed four types of drugs as being the worst offenders for adverse reactions. These are antibiotics (17%), cardiovascular drugs (17%), chemotherapy drugs (15%), analgesics/anti-inflammatory drugs (15%). 198 drugs were approved by the FDA from1976 through 1985 and over 50 percent had serious post-approval reactions. The whole drug approval process has many problems and cannot be relied upon to protect the public from dangerous drugs.

Antibiotics are no longer working on many extremely dangerous bacteria or they only work in doses that that cause serious side effects. Ampicillin and bactrim were used for the wrong reasons and there has been a reliance on antibiotics to treat recurrent bladder infections, chronic ear infections, chronic sinusitis, chronic bronchitis and non-bacterial sore throats. The UK office of health Economics in 1997 (cited in Chaitow) reported the following statistics:

  • 5,000 people are being killed every year (in UK hospitals alone) by infections that they caught in hospital.
  • A further 15,000 deaths are being contributed to by the infections that they caught in hospital.

The current approach of our health care system is ineffective and can potentially cause more harm and damage than the original condition. Although undoubtedly many lives have been saved by timely medical intervention much medical intervention is unnecessary and alternatives, which don’t cause the same devastation, are available. Try to avoid the health care system if you can and certainly question your medical practitioner very carefully about any intervention they wish

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