Creating a Resume – A Beginner's Guide

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It is very important that your very first resume is still performed like you have years of experience with this. Even if it's your first job, you do not want it to look like that, you want to "fake experience" without actually lying. And the best way to fake experience is to look professional!

Building the First Resume
Are you struggling and worried about personally writing your resume? The crazy thing is, there are many people who are, but by learning how to take the correct steps, you can show exactly how you are the best fit for the company, and you'll gain much interest and interviews!

The resume itself will definitely get you considered for the job and pique interest, but it will definitely not get you the job all by itself, no matter how amazing it is. It is good to have a great survey, that is for sure.

You want to make sure you show all of your strengths on the resume, especially if they refer to what the hiring professionals are looking for. You want to make sure you emphasize these strengths and communicate them clearly and efficiently!

Discovering Information in the Posting of Jobs
One of the greatest things a person going for a job can do is to try to search the job listings and see exactly what qualities the potential employer is absolutely looking for. This is such a great thing that you can do for yourself; and you can emphasize these in your resume; you'll be amazed at what you have accomplished in your life and how it relates to your current job!

All Words Should Matter
Your resume is short, you know that, so it's very important that you eliminate every single word of "fluff 'that you do not need. highly important that you emphasize important things and realizing the importance of treating your resume like an "expensive piece of real estate".

Is GPA very important?
GPA is highly important, and it is nice to know that you were a good student in college, so it's highly important that you list that GPA if it was high (3.0 or above), because it will show that you were indeed focused in college .

What to Mention in Your Resume
– Characteristics that can potentially be an asset to the company
– Computer skills that you may possess, or regular technical skills that could be of importance
– Any computer or technical skills you may have
– Specific coursework and grades
– Accomplishments at your university
– Summer jobs or internships
– Paid and unpaid work history

You want to make sure that you demonstrate these values ​​and you want to include your interests in hobbies only briefly and ONLY if they include your profession.

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