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Progressive Lab is a business, which is operated and owned by a family since 1972. Progressive Labs has been providing the finest quality products in the market. It produces the finest quality products that are available for targeted nutrition in therapeutics potencies. Progressive labs is still growing through referrals from satisfied doctors, professionals and consumers. Today, it expansion has reached over 25000 customers.

Progressive has earned a name in the market for both integrity in product labeling as well as for its conscientious service to the customers. It produces natural health care products, which sets them apart from the competition. The mission of progressive laboratories is to move forward progressively in the field of producing natural based health care products.


The main aim of the progressive Labs is to become a nationally recognized premier provider of natural based nutritional products and the most reliable and innovative suppliers of natural based nutritional products, supplements and aids.

Objectives: The objective of progressive Labs is to become the best industry

1. It plans to improve the already high quality products and high level of services to the customers. The main aim should be to satisfify their customers in every possible way by understanding the needs of the customers.

2. The industry also plans to improve their products as best as they can.

3. The industry will help the customer to grow and succeed and will also treat them with utmost respect. They will also work as a team with co-operations and determination to fulfill all the needs and requirements of the customers.

For Practitioners and Patients
progressive Labs are known for the production of highly effective professional grade nutraceuticals, which includes vitamins and herbal medicines. Apart from this, it also manufactures dietary supplements, which contains various nutrients for professionals that deal with health care and their patients.

Trusted Products
Having earned a well deserved name in the field of natural health care products, the Progressive has become conspicuous and dependable. The results of its products are reliable and the performances are of high standards with immense effectiveness. It is a highly trusted and committed manufacturer of natural health care products. Progressive Labs produces more than 150 proprietary products with natural ingredients that gives maximum benefits. It works with the belief of the fundamental core philosophy, which states that the nature works in synergy and that the ingredients of the products should contain co nutrients, and catalysts, which provides maximum benefits to our body.

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