The Importance Of Skin Care To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

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Women love to stay fit and look good. Mothers too are extremely conscious about their looks. Super moms have evolved with many mothers taking great care and pains to get back to their previous status: looking as fabulous as they looked in their teens, post pregnancy. However stretch marks that are caused during pregnancy still remain a huge cause of worry for many women. Every mother-to-be gets anxious during pregnancy about how to deal with stretch marks and how to prevent them. The market is flooded with anti-marks creams of various brands which brag about giving the best solution. But they do not specify when a woman should start using it or provide adequate knowledge about skin care, there is more to it than just using creams. Every mother-to-be needs to follow a skin care regimen during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. Here are some simple solutions that are easy to follow and pocket friendly.

Baby oil: Baby oil of any brand does wonders for your skin. Use baby oil twice a day: in the morning after bath and at night before going to bed. Apply it generously around your tummy, waist and back: As the uterus expands to make room for the growing baby, the skin on and around the tummy stretch quickly compared to other parts of the body. Regular application of baby oil or any moisturizer which suits your skin helps the skin nourish and prevails dryness that cause stretch marks.

Right time: We all know that skin care is essential but when does one begin? Answer: the second trimester! By the end of the first trimester the fetus is well-formed and in the second trimester it begins to grow, with simultaneous expansion of the uterus. This is the right time to begin. Right from day one of your second trimester till your delivery, well-maintained skin will definitely yield good results.

Drink water: Your body needs water the most, as this keeps skin hydrated and prior to skin from drying. Water helps the skin retain moisture thusby ensuring soft and smooth skin, preventing stretch marks. Drinking lots of water helps both mother and the baby.Drink at least 8-10 glasses a day!

Comfortable clothing: Watch what you wear. Skin during pregnancy is very sensitive due to the ongoing changes in the body. So wearing tight clothes can leave marks on your skin. Wear loose clothes, cotton, especially which will help your skin breathe.

Eat well: Oranges are a great source of vitamin C; vital for the skin and they also contain water and fiber which benefits both the mother and the baby. Many doctors recommend oranges as they help give your baby good skin and complexion.

Well-maintained skin definitely yields good results and desires discomforts like itching and skin irritation. Many women complain of severe and uncontrollable itching especially during the third trimester which is a primary reason for stretch marks. Stretch marks are irreversible because it's important to do right things at the right time. Skin care does not stop here. It has to be maintained post delivery as well. The same routine has to be followed. No pain no gain, nothing in life comes easy. The more opportunities you put in the better the rewards! Wishing all the women a stress free pregnancy! Take care and feel good!

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