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With the increased number of job seekers, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of claimed Professional CV Writers.

Yet, when in the UK, when there are no agencies or professional bodies orientated around the art of defining what a CV Writer is, or what level of experience that they need or have to be considered a Professional CV Writer, what could many Job Seekers actually be buying in their chosen service?

Professional CV Writing

The art of Professional CV Writers is in part similar to the method of turning oranges into concentrate: squeeze out the so what, so that what is left and hence communicated is a combination of what you achieved and the business output.

But many of those job seekers who choose to write their own CV’s seem on the whole believe that the reader of their CV needs a full education on the role they undertook. Whilst in detail one salespersons job description will be different from another persons at a different company in the same sector, as will an account controller, an administrator, or a purchaser; the core job and responsibilities will be the same.

Therefore, how does the Professional CV Writer differentiate their client from the average job seeker?

CV Writing: Jigsaw maker

When many job seekers write their own CV, they know they have to market themselves. They hence conclude this means sales, and that means educating the reader on the what they did.

From the employers view point, they have a specification for the person to be employed, called a job description. This includes a list of what are termed by HR people competencies, or to you and I skills, experiences and qualifications that we have gained through employment. A job advert, where ever you find it, will list the required SQE combination that the ideal candidate must have.

A Professional CV Writer will read a job advert, and knowing what SQE their candidate has, if they have the required SQE combination fit their candidate to the job. The resultant CV ticks the HR boxes of the job description.

From a personal perspective, as both a Recruiter and CV Writer, 1/3 of job applicants do not have the right SQE combination, and 1/3 can not communicate the SQE combination they have. They will hence be rejected.

Professional CV Writing Service

The UK market one of the most open and unregulated commercial markets in the world, and this extends to CV Writing. The reason that prices can vary from £19 upwards to £750 is because of the experience of the person creating your new Professional CV behind the scenes, from typists on minimum wage filling out freely available Microsoft downloads, to HR and recruitment professionals.

But, in a recent experiment, a professional employment body took 20 job seekers to find the affect of an improved CV on their job search. 10 were given a CV rewrite, while 10 were trained in how best to apply for jobs, using their existing CV. The results showed that both groups did equally as well in job applications, but that the affect for either group was multiplied five fold when both aspects were combined.

Hence, if all you are shopping for is CV Writing, expect your job seeking results to improve, but probably not as dramatically as you may wish. Look for Professional CV Writers who not only can market you, but guide you through the jungle that is the world of the job application.

Professional CV Writer: Employment

However, the one element that no CV Writer can help you with, and yet is most critical in your job search, is what you want to do next in your employment?

There is a lot of debate in the world of employment about the use or not of Personal Statements in CV writing, and that debate is right because most Personal Statements focus around you and not the needs of the employer.

If you are selling you, and not taking into consideration the position or the employer you are applying for, then simply the employer will conclude that you don’t fit the job, or that you won’t stay around too long before you move on: you will be rejected.

A professional CV Writer knows how to write a Personal Statement that engages the employer and sells you: if you know what you want to do next.

If your job application to telephone interview ratio is less than 1 in 10, then a CV Writer can probably help you. If you want both a Professional CV, and guidance through the job application jungle, then look for a Professional CV Writing Service.

Good Luck!

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