Top Tips On Why And How To Improve Your Customer Care Service

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The 6 important reasons why you need to keep your existing customers.

1. You spent a lot of time and money attracting customers to your business initially. They have shown the need, desire and funds required to become potential long-term customers. If you do not take proper care of these customers and serve them well, you will lose them to your competitors. Remember customers are your greatest asset and without them you would have no business.

2. The advanced technology of the internet and social media has created a tightly knit, well connected new world:

– in this well connected world, customer care/ service has become the new marketing.

– did you know that an unhappy customer used to tell, on average, 9 people about their dissatisfaction?

– with social media, they can now tell 9 million people! Just think of how the message spread during the Arab Spring.

– therefore one critical comment can damage the image of your business greatly and easily.

3. Customer expectation of good service is increasing all the time as it becomes easier and easier for them to research, for example on the internet, and to move from one supplier to another. For you, this means increasing competition.

4. No matter how many new customers you attract, if the number leaving you is greater than the new number you attract, you will eventually run out of business. It’s just like a bucket with holes-even if you pour more water in, if the amount draining out is greater, you will very soon have an empty bucket.

5. Remember that your competitors are watching what you are doing and they will do everything possible to steal your customers. So you need to maintain your customers’ trust, confidence and loyalty at all times.

6. It is a well known fact among business owners that it is easier and cheaper to keep their existing customers than to attract new ones, provided that they take care to maintain the customers’ trust, confidence and loyalty.

So what can you do to keep your customers?

5 Winning Ways to Woo (and Wow) Your Customers!

1. Be conscious at all times that you have two distinct sets of customers: the first set is your internal customers, that is your staff or employees, the second set is your external customers, people who buy your products or services.

2. Value all your customers, internal and external, by:

– communicating with them regularly to understand them

– listening to their suggestions

– getting feedback from them

– putting their valid suggestions into practice

– making them feel appreciated and valued.

You do all the above to create in your customers the sense of pride, goodwill, belonging and loyalty so that they will want to remain with you.

3. Design activities especially geared towards customer satisfaction. Brain storming among your team should provide plenty of ideas. Each activity needs to have a stated goal, measures for attaining that goal, continued monitoring to identify deviations from your goal and corrective actions to improve the results.

4. Create a corporate culture of passion to secure customers, incorporating many factors, such as:

– knowledge of all aspects of your business.

– training of your employees before introducing new products or marketing any policy changes.

– creating the right work environment.

– creating the right recruitment process.

– reviewing the root cause of every negative comment.

– making sure that the culture extends across the entire business by providing the necessary training.

– analysing your customer service with the aim of a comprehensive view of all customer interactions.

– ensuring that you and all your service providers are good listeners able to identify and anticipate customers’ needs and problems.

– helping customers understand your system.

– proactively seeking regular feedback from customers in order to improve your service. Encourage and welcome their suggestions.

– dealing with problems immediately and letting customers know what you have done.

– giving customers more than they expect and enjoying doing that!

5. Create an easy to use website. Your site should emphasize self-service and must provide easy access to Contact Information. Features you need to include to ensure that customers can use it easily are:

– a frequently asked (FAQ) page to address the most common questions. This should be updated regularly.

– a searchable knowledge base of all customer questions to address the needs of all your customers.

– an automatic knowledge base that answers customer questions sent by email to your Customer Service or Support Team.

The conclusion I want to draw out from everything I have covered in this article is that Customer Care Service really is the new marketing. The success or failure of any business now is dependent on the quality of the Customer Care Service they provide. You cannot stop improving your service. No matter how good your service is, there is always room for improvement. I like the advice I heard recently, “You don’t have to be ill to get better!”

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