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Simply writing up a resume is not enough. It's best to not write a resume when you are stressed for time or see a job post that you'd like to hurry up and submit your resume to. Although a resume is not difficult to write, you should take the time to edit a couple of drafts and fine tune your document as much as possible. Hiring employers may scan your resume for job compatibility which may lead you to believe that since they do not fully read a resume, it is not necessary to thoroughly edit one. On the contradiction, mistakes appear louder than all of your skills combined. Investing the time to edit your resume will result in a more professional appearance even before the employee invites you for that initial interview.

Oftentimes, when we are pressured to complete a task, we may not cover all of our bases in hopes of getting it done. When writing up your resume, give yourself time to write the first draft but be prepared to revise it at least two more times. That job post that you eagerly want to submit your resume to should be taken as seriously as a job interview. The first impression counts. And the resume is the first impression. This is especially true if the job description is highly specialized in your field in which case you would need to take the extra time to customize your resume for that specific posting for greater chances of being called.

Editing a resume thoroughly is also significant because even the slightest error will stand out to the hiring employer in the scanning process of your resume more so than your skills, and it will distract him or her and will likely cause them to move on to the next resume (as there are hundreds). Consistency in formatting, spelling, grammar and usage (especially in the tense that is being used) are all key elements to keep in mind when crafting your resume. Adhere to this in your editing process or be prepared to submit your resume to many more job postings.

Your resume is your key selling point just like sales material is often the first impression a salesperson has to make on a potential client. If it is not perfect in every way, it is natural to doubt the person's abilities or perceive them to be lazy. This is human nature. We look for and expect things to be right, to work, and above all to be correct. Seek out a quiet place and a couple of hours to work on your resume. Your final product will be a professional one, and that will greatly impress the hiring employer so increasing your chances many times over for a job interview.

If you did not think editing your resume was important before, after considering the above points, it now becomes an essential part of the job search process which is by no means an easy one to navigate through in today's tough times.

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