5 Ways to Improve Your Resume

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If you ask 10 people about your resume, you are likely going to receive 10 different responses. Declaring a resume as "good" is very subjective; be prepared to hear different feedback from each person that reviews your professional resume. Although everyone has their opinions about how to layout or improve a resume, there are definitely "correct" ways that you can improve your existing resume to make sure that it stands out to an employer.

  1. It is important to place an emphasis on making sure the documents are well organized. The information should read chronologically, and flow smoothly. Education, Work Experience, Accomplishments, and the Professional Profile should all have their own sections within the resume.
  2. Keep the document as short and concise as possible. The resume should never exceed more than 2 pages, and ideally your resume will be contained within a single page. You can adjust the arguments and font sizes if you experience difficulty with keeping the length of the resume under 2 pages. Eliminate the additional clutter within your resume. Be sure to remove the repetitiveness. If you handled the same responsibilities at multiple jobs, you do not have to repeat yourself over and over again. Concentrate on the most important aspects of each particular position you held.
  3. Include accomplishments and accolades. You want to be seen as a leader – not just a doer. When a potential employer reads your resume, you want them to be blown away by your performance numbers and impressive awards.
  4. You should simplify the language within the resume, so that an employee can understand what did prior to applying for the job. Do not overwhelm them by jargon that they are not familiar with. This will not impress them. Focus on buzz words that people within your industry are familiar with, and use relevant action verbs.
  5. Proofread. Proofread. Proofread! Review the document to determine if there are any typographical or grammatical errors. When you are finished with the document, and after you think it is "great", come back to it hours later to read it again. Sometimes it's hard to effectively proofread a document since you worked on it for so long. After you have read it, read the document out loud to see how it sounds. Once you do that, have a friend or family member review the document. The worst thing you can do is have a spelling mistake within your resume.

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