Identification of core values in the health sector

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In order to develop an effective vision for health organizations, the core values ​​of the organization must be described. One of the biggest mistakes that the health sector and other industries can make in developing a vision is to put the values ​​on a piece of paper without understanding that the values ​​are not created but discovered.
Everyone has their own core values. This becomes clear from the way different people react to different situations or environments. A person may respond with anger, frustration or esteem. Each of these responses reflects support or insult to a core value.

Because each individual has the fundamental values, the role of the executive in defining the vision and strategy is not to create values, but discover basic common values ​​that already exist. This can be difficult because values ​​are often in conflict or in difficult situations. However, if we have an effective vision, we must understand these basic values ​​and, once identified, each person in the organization can feel part of a company that understands and values.

This sense of value can help create an environment in which there is more potential than before. This is one of the steps to unlock the unrealized potential that exists in many health organizations. If the health care sector only focuses on the process and does not align the vision and strategy on fundamental values ​​and ideology, it is unlikely that there will be significant movement to achieve the objectives. In all sectors, we know that companies only have a return of 63%.

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