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Alternative supplements have different advantages over traditional medications. For example, they are made from extracts of natural plants, which makes them easier to absorb than the chemicals from which synthetic food supplements are prepared. Many doctors also recommend dietary supplements for patients with allergies, weight problems, chronic digestive problems and coronary risk factors such as diabetes and hypertension.

However, dietary supplements are not regulated in the United States and not all dietary supplements are reliable. Here are some tips to choose the best alternative supplements.

1. Choose the correct form.

Alternative supplements are available in several forms, such as tablets, capsules, capsules, syrups and drinkable liquids. Most people prefer solid supplements because they do not like the taste of herbs, but liquid supplements tend to be more effective.

2. Look for individual herbal supplements.

Some manufacturers easily combine different herbs in a multivitamin, but not all herbs work well together. The individual plant preparations help to better control what flows in each dose.

3. Buy organic.

Although most herbal supplements are safe, they may contain pesticides and pesticides, but in very small amounts. Alternative organic herbal dietary supplements are grown naturally, so they contain less chemicals of this type. Although they are generally more expensive, organic supplements are much safer and have little or no side effects.

4. Buy from reliable sources.

Buy only supplements at health food stores and hospitals whenever possible. Buy online only if you trust the brand and have been using it for a long time. If you buy in supermarkets or pharmacies, read labels carefully and call the manufacturer or doctor if you have any questions.

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