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A major challenge for health professionals is to develop a well-designed, well-thought-out plan to help the patient and the health worker. Care planning is an essential part of health care, but it is often misunderstood or considered a waste of time. The care plan provides a “road map” to guide all the care of the patient / resident involved. The health plan has long been linked to care; However, all health professionals must be supported in their care. In today’s world, high cost health insurance is unsustainable for most people. It has been recognized that public health has neglected the citizen as an individual and that the state bears a direct responsibility for the health of individuals. Therefore, aim for another in health planning, in addition to measures to fight the disease – promoting the health of individuals – added. It has been launched as personal health services such as maternal and child health services, mental health and rehabilitation services. CEAWinslow, one of the leading figures in the history of public health in 1920, defined public health planning as “the science and art of disease prevention, prolonging life and promoting health and efficiency through organized community work. ”

The first step of the health planning program is an accurate and complete assessment. The list of issues may include family / relationship issues that affect the overall well-being of the parent.

Approaches to achieve “Can I solve this problem If so, then the goal of the nursing staff must be to solve this specific problem Moreover, this goal must be accurate, measurable and achievable: After the list of problems, the doctor must request ..? of a problem that could be improved, would be a health deficit related to hip fractures. the rehab this problem will probably be solved.

If a medical problem is irreversible – like diabetes – would eliminate the next step, new complications or a possible deterioration of health. In case of such health problems should be the goal to maintain the level of health at an optimal level.

The health care planning process will never be completed until the patient is released from the current care setting. The ultimate goal of the health plan is ultimately to lead all to the care of the patient concerned and ensure proper treatment.

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